Friday, June 12, 2009

Going Places... (by Aris)

Face it... we've both travelled overseas before.

I have been to Australia, Singapore and Thailand many years ago, either on my own or with my family members. And Aidee has been to Uzbekistan when she was younger, at the time when her Dad was still working in Tashkent. But those were the days. When we were younger... and obviously, we can't turn back time, can we?

So, after marriage, we both made a promise to each other, to set aside some money to travel at least once a year overseas. We were newly weds then. Money, after much has been spent for our Wedding Receptions, was a variable that kept on diminishing day by day. But, eventhough I was never a thrifty person before, marriage has made me a different, if not a better person. I began to learn the meaning of "Savings"...

With significant amount of "Savings", we could actually go places. And so, we began to tackle the notion of "Exploring the South East Asia Region".

The good thing was we both had the same thing in mind - and that was JAKARTA. And so begun our journey down south to the largest archipelago in the world, the Republic of Indonesia.

Indeed, one small step to some, but one giant leap to the both of us...

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