Friday, June 12, 2009

Introducing Aidee...

Hi, I'm Aidee.

I would like to share some stories about what I love to do most and enjoy it to bits. It’s travelling. Yes, I love travelling, and can consider myself as a travel junkie but don’t be alarmed (specially dedicated to my dearest hubby)... my condition is still quite manageable so far... :-)

Yes, I'm addicted to traveling, but having a work-come-first hubby and a boy aged 6 this year, I think I have to control my addiction as time may not be on my side for travelling that much. Not that I will stop from doing it at all, but since my son is going to primary school very soon, I need to properly schedule my so-called ‘family vacation’ to a proper time i.e. most feasibly during school holidays.

So here, let me share some of my memorable journeys I had in these few years.

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