Thursday, February 17, 2011

Universal Studios, Resort World Sentosa - Singapore

There is a new place town! People were talking a lot about it... there was so much hype... so we had to check out what's the buzz!!! It’s the Universal Studios, people! Finally it opens its door to all visitors …How interesting that would be? :)

We had to go there a day earlier to get our tickets. Yup, tickets were selling like hot cakes daily, especially because it was on a school holiday season, so we didn’t want to get disappointed. We had to go to the Resort World itself at Sentosa Island to get the tickets. So, we took the opportunity to stop by at Sentosa (again) and try out the Luge. We didn’t get to try it on our earlier visit. This time, my hubby’s brother, Rozman and his family came along. It was really a fun trip for us. The Luge was really a great try out. We really had fun and yup, one ride is never enough! I agree to their motto but, nah.. we’ll come back again one day! :)

Around noon after we had a quick packed lunch, we made our way to the Resort World. We parked our car at Michael Hotel, and my hubby went to see if the tickets were still available. After half an hour gone, he came back to the car with a big grin. Yes, 6 tickets have been grabbed costing us approximately SGD66 per adult and SGD48 per child. With much excitement, we drove home right away. We were going to experience the thrill of a lifetime on the very next day. Yayy…!

D-day : We reached Universal Studios at 11.00 am and there were already hundreds of people out there. Our excitement built up once we went up the escalator from the car park and saw the huge, ever-popular Universal Studios Globe. We took a few photos there, taking turns with many other people who wanted the globe to be in their background picture too.

And as we entered the gate, it was an indescribable feeling for us. The background music welcomed us so perfectly to the breathtakingly stunning settings of their very own Hollywood Boulevard. There was an array of souvenir shops, Universal Studios Merchandise outlets, photo booths, cafes and other fancy eateries. We walked slowly on the ‘Walk of Fame’ path and we kept on snapping pictures.

There were hundreds of pictures we took because every single thing in there was just so fascinating that we can’t help but to snap pictures again and again. Just indulge the photos below and you would immediately understand how awesome the settings were.

My son who was plainly excited earlier became doubly thrilled to finally see something from ‘his’ imaginary world coming alive! Many of the cartoon characters such as Puss in Boots, Woody Woodpecker, Herman Monster, Bettyboop, as well as Madagascar characters came alive in their almost perfect mascots form. But unfortunately, my son has this peculiar phobia to all dominant mascots, so, too bad guys, you would not be able to see any of them in my pictures because my son refused to get any closer to all these mascots. He even forbade me to take pictures of the mascots (he was making kind of a big fuss already by then). Fine, so no pictures with the mascots but we still could enjoy the Madagascar characters performing some great dance performance, “I Like To Move It”!! Though it was scorching hot at that time, we were still enjoying every bit of the performance.

Our first stop after the Madagascar performance was at the Enchanted Castle, where we had to take a long queue to be on the junior roller coaster ride. I thought when they said ‘junior’ it should be a fine-smooth roller coaster ride. And since they were allowing my son who is only 120cm tall, I really thought it would be just like a train ride. Never did I imagine that it was going to be that fast with a few sharp, sudden turning. Quite a terrifying ride to me! Or was it just me? My heart was pumping really fast and I was slightly shaking afterwards. Once we got down from the roller coaster, I felt very relieved that my son was actually seated with my hubby and not with me, as I was really terrified myself! I was more worried about him, he’s only six… and lacking of height, but he later told me that he was really ok and had a blast. Much later during the day, it came across my mind that the person in-charged were allowing all kids about my son’s age into this ride for a reason - it was really safe for them. Silly me…!

We then were just in time for the 4D-Show at the Far Far Away. I like this show the most. It was absolutely superb! Before entering the 4D cinema, we were told a story by the so-called castle guardian about Shrek and Fiona, and their friends i.e.: Pinocchio, The Three Blind Mice and The Gingerbread Man. And as we entered the cinema and seated, the show started. It was truly double the fun to watch a movie in 4D, not only you experience them in 3D emotion with the 3D spectacles, you could even get the water sprayed on you when the Donkey sneezes or felt a creepy crawly movement at your ankle when the screen shows spiders crawling all over the area. It was again a truly delightful experience!

From this point, we just walked through the area and tried out most of the rides and watched almost every performance that came along our way. We rode the Canopy Flyer ride at the Jurassic Park, another heart thumping experience for us yet absolutely interesting; took a real spin at Sci Fi ride and later to a slow and easy ride at the Treasure Hunt area which was kind of boring to us (haha.. after all the mind-blowing rides we took earlier, this was definitely nothing to us)! We skipped the Waterworld because it rained so we had to opt for the one with indoor rides / entertainment, so we headed on to Donkey Show back at Far Far Away. The 15 minutes show was interesting, it’s all about Donkey performing on stage and interacting live with the audience.

The rain subsided a bit later but we already felt the need to fill up our tummy. We walked to the Ancient Egypt place and found one Mediterranean Restaurant in there named Oasis Spice Cafe, and it carries the Halal sign. Perfect. So, here we had a decent meal for lunch; Chicken Roll Arabic Style with Hot Tea for me, Arabic Rice Set came with Fried Spicy Chicken, Curry Sauce and Vegetables for my hubby and fried chicken for my little man. The food was ok but the Fried Spicy Chicken was seriously yummy!

After the tummy-filling activity, we continued our mission. The men wanted to try out the High-Speed Indoor roller coaster (for adults only) at the Ancient Egypt but I wasn’t too sure that I could make it. I was foolishly too afraid that the food I took would jump out from my tummy once I took the ride. Nah… I had to pass this idea and let the men enjoy the screaming and mind-blowing ride. So, I waited outside with the kids. :)

We then scraped through the Sunset Boulevard, New York and just enjoyed the sight of the fine-looking buildings there. I just love the settings. We went into the souvenir shops and started buying a few things that caught our eyes.

And at one point, we ended up at the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ Studio inspired by Steven Spielberg. It was a studio-like room where you can experience hurricane, open fire, big waves and boat crashing, just like the one they used in a real movie. Voila! Another two thumbs-up show I must say. No photos were allowed in here during the show, so I took this picture just after everything was back to normal, when the show ended. :)

The last program in our itinerary was shopping. So we went to the merchandise outlets and grabbed ourselves some T-shirts, fridge magnets and car stickers, as mementos.

The time we headed out, it was nearly 9.00pm. It was the best 10-hour spent so far for my family. We had so much fun, all at one place.


Yus said...

wow another interesting place to be put in my list now.. i wish i could visit Singapore Universal Studio this year..

Aidee Aris said...

yessss yus... u must go!! heheh :)