Friday, July 2, 2010

Singapore - The Sentosa Trip

Yup, it’s Singapore again for us! Told ya, since we are in JB, we will definitely make use of Singapore as our getaway destination. Though it was just for a day trip, the Lion City never disappoints us. Trust me, it has loads to offer to all.

It was on a beautiful Sunday morning when all of a sudden my hubby had this thought of going to Singapore (again). My cousin, Hezrin and his family were also invited for this trip. We did not plan for the trip earlier, so we had to think of where to go in Singapore this time. After a short discussion, we agreed to give Sentosa Island a shot. My cousin, who happens to be a Johorian, has been working in Singapore for at least 5 years now. Obviously, he would know Singapore much better than all of us combined, so he decided to drive us in.

To my surprise, the traffic was good that morning. In just less than an hour, we arrived at Sentosa Island. The great Merlion statue greeted us as we entered the arch to the famous isle. We had to pay for the entrance fee, at about SD$3.00 per person before we continued our journey by car to look around the area and reached at our first stop, the Palawan Beach.

Palawan Beach was refreshingly beautiful and nice. Many trees were planted to provide sufficient shades for picnic-goers while the sandy area was equally wide for everyone to share. There were lots of locals and tourists there, enjoying themselves, relaxing by the beach with their friends and family. The ambience at the beach was rather peaceful and calm. And it was really clean too. You wouldn’t mind lying down on the sand at any part of the beach. Even the weather was pleasant on that day, making it perfect for us to have a dip in the sea.

We slowly strolled around the area and we arrived at the famous Palawan suspension bridge. The bridge was right in the middle of the beach and it linked us to where they claimed as Asia’s closest point to the Equator area. The bridge was rather narrow and I found it a bit difficult to have a 2-way traffic on this 3-feet wide bridge. But, we managed to cross over anyhow. My son got really excited because the bridge was a bit shaky and swingy as we walked.

And as we got ourselves on to the other side of the beach, there it was right in front of us, the Lookout Point Tower. It was a 4-storey wooden tower built by the beach overlooking the sea. We climbed up the staircase to see the view from the top. It was so breathtakingly beautiful.

We later made a stop at the Kid Fun Area to let my son try out the climbing rope station at the playground. My son enjoyed it very much. There was also a Splash Pool (can’t remember what it’s called, so I named it myself) for children to play with. I had to change his shirt and put on his swimming attire. He had such a great time playing with the squirting water. But later, my hubby and my cousin brought him into the sea which was just 50 meters away from the pool area. They really had fun out there :-). Me? Nah... it was that time-of-the-month time, so I couldn’t join in the fun. But never mind. I became the paparazzi for the day and that was just as great :-).

After all the fun they had in the water, we realized that we were just in time for an Animal Show. After settling ourselves on a bench at the amphitheatre, the show began. The staff showed us some tricks with an Eagle, a Parrot and a big white Albino Python. It was a thoroughly entertaining 45-minute show and we enjoyed it very much.

Oh yes, not to forget, there was also a display of interesting shops and eateries along the beach. All the restaurants looked kind of posh to me. I bet the price could have been quite steep too. We were into ‘B.Y.O food’ for this trip anyway, so we didn’t bother spending that much on food :-).

OK, that was the Palawan Beach. Next, our stop was at the Imbiah Lookout Point. My hubby, my son and I had the chance to ride on the Sky Ride. I was really thrilled. I never knew that I was so afraid of heights until I took this ride. It was really ecstatic and exciting at the same time. At a height of 110 meters above the ground and 131 meters above sea level, it was a mind-blowing experience for me. It was something similar to what I had when I was visiting Tashkent 14 years ago, on a Ski Ride. But I was very much OK then, but not this time. Blame the age, uh! Haha…

The Sky Ride fee was at SD$11 per person and we bought a photo of us from the booth (there’s an auto-snapped photo for us in the middle of our ride) at SD$10 per piece. Ouchh… quite pricey right, but it was worth the price anyway. We really had a great time. There were many other rides for us to experience but we were too tired by then. We then headed back home soon after we had a quick snack at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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