Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Taking off...

Aidee and I got married in May 2003, which was about 4 years ago. But, we became very close even before we tied the knot - thanks to the Penang Trip we had with a couple of our friends.

Let's face it, we both love to travel. We both adore going to places we've never been before, exploring strange or familiar cultures, finding out cheap stuffs to buy to add to our collection of apparels and clothing, and getting a memento or two and fridge magnets to place on our fridge.

And let's face it, although we had wished for many, many things, the hindrance to our travelling objectives has always been the "monetary factor".

So, we decided that if we can't travel much overseas, let's cover the Peninsula, and later part the Borneo. Let's cover our local grounds before we head to new, uncharted territories. Let's be "patriotic" and "nationalistic" in every sense of the word - be proud of what we have in store, and share it with others if we could.

Hence, the love for travelling was perhaps the spark for our continued romance. For others, it may be love at first sight. But for us, it was love at "first site"... and that site was the so-called "Pulau Mutiara" or the Penang Island.

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